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the disappointment in his eyes..

son why are you doing this to me



Spread this like a damn wildfire.

17 Year old Christopher Roupe was gunned down by a police officer while answering his front door while holding a Nintendo Wii remote.

"At around 7:30 PM, young Christopher took out his Nintendo Wii controller to put on a movie.

As he was sitting down, he suddenly heard knocking on the front door.

He asked, “Who is it?” but received no response.

At that point he got up from his chair and opened the door.

To his shock, the female cop already had her gun drawn and pointed at him, according to reports.

She immediately fired a bullet into the boy’s chest and killed him, according to Renee Vance, the boy’s aunt.

The police claim that “he had a handgun.”

It was actually the boy’s small Nintendo Wii controller, says the aunt.

The officer gave him “no warning” to drop the controller before taking his life, the aunt added.

The police claimed to be at his house regarding a “probation” matter. It turns out that it had nothing to do with Christopher.

His 13-yr-old little sister heard the gun shot and ran over to the door to find her brother bleeding and crying.

The little sister held her brother and tried to comfort him as he cried in pain, according to reports.

That’s when the female cop pointed her gun at the child and said “Shut up!” according to reports, forcing the girl away.

Moments later Christopher bled to death.

Both the female officer and the officer who was with her have received “paid administrative leave” as the investigation proceeds.”

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Police are already trying cover up this incident with bullshit lies.
Don’t let this just get swept under the rug.
A Wii remote in no way resembles a handgun.
This is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting

Paid? Why paid?

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Let ‘em Burn

Gifs by Izac Less.

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Let ‘em Burn

Gifs by Izac Less.

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So by now you know I give out tips on how to get jobs, fill out resumes, and get ahead at work. This is something I came across earlier today.

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this speaks to me on a very emotional level

me too

Game of Thrones SF AU:
"After the death of Robert Baratheon, The Great Imperator of Westeros, the alliance of seven planets is falling apart. Imperial ships are now fighting battles in every corner of the galaxy. There are also alarming news from Nebula’s Watch about new alien species that slowly conquers his way to the borders of Westeros Galaxy, while on the other side of the universe people are spreading rumour about young girl with three giant robot machines, but no one knows what to believe in any more."

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Schusev State Museum of Architecture

If only… I would be lost forever… 

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